Silent Film Screenings - Why They Matter

Watching a silent film is experiencing the living history of film. Sadly, the authentic experience where the film is accompanied by a musician who is expressing the film's narrative and emotional journey is no longer commonly available to movie goers. This is why the Majestic Silent Film Screenings in Pomona are an essential experience for any fan of film and entertainment. The shot constructions, cinematic artistry, stunts carried out by actors, often without doubles or safety regulations are some of the features of great classic film-making from the Silent Film Era.

Cinematic language and convention did not exist when silent film was being produced. Filmmakers experimenting with the moving image during the Silent Film Era can now be appreciated as historic mavericks of their time. Performance was also influenced by the moving image as actors, lighting, set designers, costumes and other facets of the mis-en-scene were changing to accommodate this new technology. Indeed, silent film, like photography marked the dawn of the collusion of technology and art in the modern era.

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Cheeky Tuesdays - We offer group bookings a special treat. Come along with a minimum of 20 people in the group and we will provide a wonderful sing-a-long session after the silent movie. Contact -



The Pomona Majestic Theatre is happy to develop a screening program for groups of 20 or more.

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Every 2nd and 4th Saturday - Noon till 2pm.

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