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Band of Frequencies & Dangerous Song

Dangerous Song and Band of Frequencies present a night of film and live soundtrack at the Majestic Theatre in Pomona, QLD! 

  • 7pm - Doors open
  • 7:30pm - Linsey Pollak and Lizzie O'Keefe present Dangerous Song - blue
  • 8:30pm - Interval
  • 9pm - Band of Frequencies present Men of Wood and Foam
  • 10:30pm - Finish

Dangerous Song - Blue

Dangerous Song - Blue connects our hearts with the planet’s heart through the exquisite combination of endangered animal calls with the human voice and stunning underwater cinematography by renowned and celebrated underwater cinematographer David Hannan (Ocean Ark Alliance). The one hour performance EVOKES an emotional connection and response to the sometimes “hard to swallow” facts about the current Sixth Extinction Crisis and state of our oceans, inspiring understanding, love and hopefully action. There is no narrative, as we already know most of the story, even if we choose to ignore it and don’t know the ending. It’s a song for the planet - an inter-species choral work, and they’re singing for their lives! If their calls don’t affect you then nothing will. 

Dangerous Song - Blue combines the human voice with the sounds of endangered animals to create an intriguing and moving musical performance, and ultimately a new musical language. 

Linsey Pollak plays a midi wind instrument where breath, lip pressure and fingering control the performance of animal call samples (mostly sourced from the Centre for Biological Diversity). He uses Live-looping technology to instantaneously record layers of music as he plays. The animals are from the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN) Red List and include a diverse range of species including whales, seals, walrus, fish and sea birds. 

Lizzie O’Keefe joins him, weaving her voice in and out of the musical landscape of animal sounds that Linsey provides in a series of original “songs”. This collaboration takes us to a world of sound where the human and the animal combine into a sort of sonic morphing. 

This sonic world is mirrored by the visual superimposition of the natural world onto the human performers using projection. To do this, Linsey and Lizzie perform from within a 3D scrim (semi- transparent screen) with the shape of a giant aquarium. Underwater moving images are then projected onto the aquarium shaped scrim giving the impression that the musicians are performing underwater. 


Ocean Nest Film Clip:


Men of Wood & Foam

The story of the men who shaped Australian surfing, is a fascinating one-hour documentary uncovering a golden decade of surfing, starting in 1956, when surfing was transformed into a sport and culture with its very own music, movies, fashion and heroes.

The Brookvale Six

Underpinning this exciting transformation was a small group of artisans who started out in the 1950s making wooden surfboards in their backyards along Sydney’s eastern beaches, before eventually moving to Brookvale where they experimented with “blowing foam” to make lighter and more responsive surfboards from plastics. These pioneering artisans, Barry Bennett, Scott Dillon, Denny Keogh, Greg McDonagh, Bill Wallace and Gordon Woods became known as ‘The Brookvale Six’.

By 1958 The Brookvale Six were building Malibu Chip boards from balsa wood – and by the start of the 1960s, surfboard riding really began to take off when these pioneers produced the first lightweight foam boards, kicking off a huge Australian surfing boom. The Brookvale Six not only supplied the entire country with surfboards but also made design breakthroughs that put Australia at the forefront of the sport for decades - inspiring a never-before-seen evolution in Australian surf culture.

The Soundtrack by Band of Frequencies

Recently, Band of Frequencies laid down the soundtrack to an historical surf documentary called Men of Wood and Foam for the Foxtel History channel. The film has also recently been screened at the Santa Barbara International Film Festival to rave reviews. 

Their original soundtrack to Men of Wood and Foam was written and recorded in three days and reflects three decades of surf inspired sounds. With the story of the Australian surfboard pioneers known as The Brookvale Six being the focus of the documentary, they were given a framework to lay down their interpretations of surf music from the 50s, 60s and 70s.

The theme song for Men of Wood and Foam is a collaboration, with Band of Frequencies providing the music and author, historian and the director of the doco Phil Jarratt contributing the lyrics. The rest of the soundtrack is instrumental and mostly improvised with only a select few tunes being deliberated over for longer than a few minutes. B.o.F front man Shannon Sol Carroll explains “We used a method we called ‘Powerball’, which is akin to a game for generating ideas and moving through concepts quickly. We basically counted in tempos and feels and then gave ourselves three minutes to find something we liked. If it didn’t gel then we’d move on. If it had potential, then we’d talk it over briefly and have another crack at it. Sometimes we’d just count in a groove and lay it down, having never spoken a word and ended up keeping the first and only take. The surf guitars tunes were recorded originally as ‘Powerball’ jam ideas and then we wrote the melodies for them that we overdubbed later.”

Sound engineer and co-producer Paulie B at Tanuki Lounge studio was instrumental in pulling the sounds indicative of the times. Using old ribbon microphones and keeping the setup minimal he helped maintain the authentic feel of the recordings.

The Men of Wood and Foam soundtrack is the next album release for Band of Frequencies and will see them touring across Australia including the album’s official launch at Noosa Festival of Surfing, before taking it over to the West Coast to one of the bands favourite destinations, the Margaret River region.

One of Australia's premier jam bands & true believers in sounds beyond boundaries, Band of Frequencies draw their influences from a vast spectrum of blues, roots, rock, funk and psychedelic styles. Their signature blend comes from years of live experimentation, constantly pushing their influences into the creative fires to see what melts, what explodes and what merges. They have now successfully forged a bond of sonic elements that represents their coastal roots and strikes a chord in the hearts of passionate music lovers around the globe. It's this quality that has lead to invitations to grace the stages of diverse festivals, at home and abroad, and to record soundtracks to several internationally released surf films.

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