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Sunday 22nd April    2pm    at The Majestic Theatre, Pomona


What:  10 minute comedy shorts


Where:  The Majestic Theatre, Pomona


When:  Performances - Friday 6th, Saturday 7th, Sunday 8th JULY


This will be a workshop style audition, open to any interested party who may want to perform in a short 10 minute play.  Come along and meet the directors and other like minded locals in a series of fun activities in a relaxed, friendly atmosphere.  There is no need to prepare anything however short script excerpts will be read on the day.  Please come with an open mind, willingness to 'have a go' and have a laugh.







Please find below a list of roles that we are seeking.  A willingness to consider an alternative role is encouraged.  


Thank you for helping us continue to bring community theatre to The Majestic Theatre.


Any questions please contact:

Tash -     0424938979

Cherry -  



·       female, age 60’s, dressed to attract opposite sex

·       female, age 60’s, dressed smartly but conservatively

·       male, age 60’s to 70, slim to medium build, well presented.  Small speaking role.

·       male, 40’s to 60’s, wearing motor bike jacket and carrying helmet. Small speaking role.

·       WAITER: (optional role) male or female. Non- speaking role.

Male: any age

Female: any age


3 x males:

1  Is compulsively neat and clean. Although he is an obsessive time-keeper he criticises conformity. Is a charismatic charmer who annoys people to make them notice him. He confronts life.

2.  Is impeccably and fashionably dressed. He is a people-pleaser who admires how others challenge life head-on. He watches life.

3.  Is neat and clean but dresses for comfort rather than style. He is a likeable larrikin whose teasing is good-natured. He enjoys life.

 Jogger- female, brisk and businesslike. Small speaking role.

 Duck fancier- female, dippy hippy. Small speaking role.


Non-speaking roles:

 Jogger -  any age, any gender.

 Dog walkers -  any age, any gender, but need to be able to manipulate a stiff lead with dog collar attached to give the impression they are walking an invisible dog

Phone walkers

Homeless man


·       Female -  Middle aged of somewhat questionable mental stability. 

·       2 females OR  male and female

·       Dogwalker/Jogger

·       Bride and Groom  - Groom will have German accent (or similar)

·       Psych wardens (2) – male or female

·       Potential non-speaking extras.

Voiceover man - is never seen, only heard.


·     The Curator:   Has OCD. Has a slight French/European accent?  He is completely over the top. 

·      Janitor:  Quiet, methodical.

·      Person 1 & Person 2:  Male or female Non-speaking roles

·      Hippy:  Cool, chilled character.

·      Melancholy man:   He is very gloomy, hooded, head-down, slumps ‘dark’ person.

·      Ditzy Girl:  She is self-absorbed, with a very annoying loud voice.

·      Man:  Smartly dressed, eloquent. 

·      Woman:  Smartly dressed.  Could have slightly French accent. 

·      Rico:  The passionate arty visitor. 


1.     A seemingly average, middle-aged woman (Maxine) finds herself in terrorist and spy situations which are really just normal everyday life.  Every time a chime occurs she answers her shoe phone in a brilliantly timed play of heroics, hallucinations, and hilarity.  Follow Maxine Sharp as she attempts to clean up the town from the evils of Chaos.


2.      Three men sit on a park bench to feed ducks and relieve their anger at the disappointments and frustrations of old age by teasing the people they meet. As their friendship deepens they trust each other with their stories and their secrets.


3.     Dating in “your Sixties”  is very different to dating in “The Sixties…”

Carol …senior serial On- Line Dater... runs into her old “friend” Frances, a widow,  in a café… and undertakes to bring her up to scratch on the Brave New World of “surfing” for a man….


4.     The interior of an art gallery comes alive as distinctly different characters stroll through, each one exposing their personality through their words and actions as they view the displays. The Curator of this gallery is a perfectionist; however, the janitor doesn’t help at all when it comes to one of his special exhibitions.

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